Does Your Customer Experience Help Your Customers To Choose You?

Step 1

Your customer experience begins when your customer develops a need or a want for your type of product or service.


Step 2

They search Google to see who offers those kinds of products and services.


Step 3

During their customer experience, your customer will select only two or three companies to consider based on their search results.

Step 4

Your customer explores the websites and social media channels of those choices.


Step 5

They may or may not ask their friends and family who they would recommend based on their customer experiences.

Step 6

Next, they check your reputation by reading your customer reviews online.

Step 7

Your customer matches your brand against their own preferences: price, quality, etc.

Step 8

Finally, based on their customer experience, they make a choice between you OR your competitors.

Why Do Your Customers Follow This Path?

They are trying to decide if they know you, like you and if they can trust you.


Search Results On Google

 Simple Updated Website

Social Media Channels

Interesting Blog


Easy Customer Experience

Good Fit For Their Needs

Happy Community Of Fans

Price Versus Value


Years In Business

Word Of Mouth Reputation

Online Customer Reviews

Consistent Branding

With 82% of customers searching online before making a purchase, we have to meet your customers where they will look and provide them with the tools to choose your business.

Elle Robertson

Customer Experience Designer, Your Customer's Shoes

Let’s Look At How Customers Actually Search Online

How Do You Improve Your Chances?

1. Value Your Overall Customer Experience.

2. Hire someone who knows how to turn the numbers your way.

3. Make it easy for your customers to choose you.

What Are The Actual Numbers?

Choices A Customer Seriously Considers.


Your Chances of Winning Their Business.


Amount of Influence You Have Over That Decision.

Creating a customer experience is as simple as identifying the value that your business can add to your customer's lives, and then telling them a story about your brand that makes them care. When you get customers to care about your brand, customer loyalty comes naturally.

Elle Robertson

Customer Experience Designer, Your Customer's Shoes


You’ve got to start with customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.

Steve Jobs

Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where businesses are won or lost.

Tom Knighton


How I can help.


Educate: I can teach you how to build and monitor your own customer experience through the free tools on my website; DIY Customer Experience Workbook, Blog, Podcast, YouTube Channel, Case Studies, Social Media Channels, Customer Experience Magazine, Customer Experience Motivational Quotes and more.

Consult: For customers who want my direct assistance to help them to create a plan to improve or design their customer experience, I offer step-by-step eBooksPhone Calls, Brand Building BootcampsOnline Reviews and in person 2 day long On-Site Reviews.

Design: For customers who want to bring me in to personally conduct all of their research, create or recreate their logo, slogan, website, social media channels and full virtual and physical customer experience designs, I offer my CX (Customer Experience) Design services. If you choose to hire me to create your Customer Experience Design, I keep the process very simple for you. I will come to your business and spend time at your location so that I am able to uncover the unique value that your business brings to your customers. You and I will only meet twice. I work very autonomously, because I know that you are very busy. I only work with one client per month so that I am able to really learn about your business, focus, and create a revenue generating customer experience in a short amount of time.

I handle everything for those 24 clients; logo creation, slogan and brand promise clarification, identify or create your competitive advantage, take or choose all of the pictures for your website, write all of your website and social media text and so much more. I deliver everything to you within one month. I am not a website designer, because websites are simply placeholders online. Yes, building websites is one of the tools that I use to create your overall customer experience, but it does not begin or end with your website.

I am a Customer and User Experience Designer. I create multiple places for you to connect with your customers and I design customer experiences that engineer customer loyalty. It's not enough to simply have a website anymore. You need to have an overall customer experience strategy that causes customers to choose you, rave about you, stay loyal to you and send their family and friends. 


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