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I understand that every customer learns differently. Some people would prefer to listen, still others like to read and finally some enjoy watching videos. I hope you find a tool below that helps you to better understand what I am able to do for your business. I appreciate you taking the time to learn more.

To Your Success,

Raphaela Laurean

If you want to hear a 60 second version of what I do for my customers in layman’s terms, simply listen to the audio file above.
If you would like to listen to a detailed explanation of what I do for my customers, please click the audio file above.

Prefer To Read Instead Of Listen?

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Anatomy Of A Website YCS by Your Customer's Shoes

Prefer To Watch Instead Of Reading Or Listening?

Prefer A Combination?

Basic Outline Of Steps To Create Your Customer Experience


Competitive Analysis

Field Research

Brand Development

Brand Promise Clarification

Logo Design

Slogan Creation


Capture Image (Photos Of Property, Products, Or People)

Website Copy Written

Choose Fonts For Website

Choose Color Palette For Website

Choose Overall Tone For Website

Create Customer Personas

Create Intuitive User Experience

Website Design And Creation

Website Optimization (Speed)

Keyword Placement On Website






Social Media Design And Creation

Blog Design And Creation

YouTube Channel Design And Creation


Ways To Improve Your Experience After The Initial Design


Email Set Up With Email Series Automation

Content Curation Automation

Customer Relationship Management

Local Listing Creation Or Clean Up

Testimonial Creation

Brand Reputation Repair

Website Or Web Store Growth

Social Media Growth

Blog Page Growth

YouTube Growth

Email List Growth


Website Training 

Web Store Training 

Blog Training 

Social Media Training 

YouTube Training 

Customer Relationship Management Training 

Employee Onboarding (Employee Training)




Create Your Loyalty Program

Create Your Referral Program

Create Your Affiliate Program

Ebooks To Build Your Client Base

Create A Membership Community For Your Business

Create Email Drip Campaign To Increase Revenue

Website Or Web Store Protection

Blog Protection

Brand Reputation Protection

Customer Experience Protection


Virtual Tours Of Your Business

Online Reviews From Bloggers, YouTubers, Etc.

In Print Reviews From Magazines, Trade Journals, Etc.

Create As Seen On Or As Seen In Press Page

Create An Advertise With Me Page

Daily Interaction Representative To Improve Social Media Customer Experience

Daily Virtual Assistant To Improve Inbound Call 

Daily Virtual Assistant To Improve YouTube Comment 


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