Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do?

I help my customers tell their brand story. I do this by walking through their digital and physical assets the same way that their customers would. Then, I help my customers to see what's great about their business, what isn’t working, and we define their unique customer experience to gain an advantage over their competition.

I help these small businesses to turn potential customers into loyal and engaged brand advocates by creating addictive customer experiences for their brands. I identify my customer's unique value for their customers and then I tell their brand story to their customers in a way that matters to them. I use principles from psychology, business and design to engineer that level of customer loyalty. This helps brands to truly connect with their target customers, which in turn, increases revenue and market share.

If you would like to learn more about what I do, please visit my 'What I Do' page. 

Who Are Your Customers?

I have three kinds of customers. Which customer are you? 

Customer # 1: Getting Started: These are my customers who are either just starting their business or they are in the early stages of recognizing a need for a clearly defined customer experience as a competitive advantage. These customers are in the market for information. They are looking for explanations about customer experience and still exploring it's value for their business. They are usually trying to define/redefine their logo, slogan, social media channels and website and may not know whether they want to do it themselves or hire someone else to manage it for them yet. For these customers, I have many blog articles, free tools to help them to define their brand (on the Free Tools page of this website) and YouTube videos to show them what customer experience looks like in practice in everyday life. Services that I offer to these clients may be found under the Education section of the Your Customer's Shoes Store. 

Customer # 2: Do It Yourselfer: These are my customers who have or are starting a business, and want to build a website and social media channels. They also appreciate the value of a clearly defined customer experience and want to create their own unique customer experience. They want to tell their brand story in a way that separates them from their competition. These customers are in the market for a guide. They are looking for someone who can walk them through developing a customer experience, a website and setting up and using their social media channels. For these customers, I wrote a 200+ page, step-by-step guide, to lead them through every step of the process. These customers will usually have more time than money, so they can invest the amount of time to finish the work that is involved in the creation of their customer experience, website and social media channels. In my guide, 'Wait, You Built That?',  I show you how to do everything from choosing a domain name and setting up your hosting to identifying your competitive advantage and clarifying that message to your customers on your website and social media channels. Services that I offer to these clients can be found under the Consulting section of the Your Customer's Shoes Store. 

***Customer Types 1 and 2 may be interested in my Brand Building Bootcamps where we spend a weekend together and I walk you through creating your brand image, story, logo, slogan, website and more. At the end of our weekend together, you will receive all of my ebooks, printed guides and access to our private Facebook Group to stay connected to other Your Customer's Shoes customers and business owners. 

Customer #3: White Glove Service: These are my customers who are already running a small or medium sized business. They are usually extremely busy managing the day to day operations of their businesses, and they do not have the time to get personally involved in building their website and social media channels or in creating and defining a customer experience. They want me to come in, learn about their business, and then handle everything for them, end to end. For these customers, I take care of absolutely every element of their customer experience for them as I create/recreate their logo, slogan, brand story, redefine their brand promise and create their unique customer experience. After their customer experience has been created, I train these customers and their staff on how to use their website and social media channels to create customer loyalty and increase revenue. Services that I offer to these clients can be found under the Design section of the Your Customer's Shoes Store. 

To learn more you may read a real life Customer Experience Design Case Study or view My Work.


Are You A Website Designer?

Website Designers usually offer the following services: domain name purchase, set up and building your website pages. It is usually completely up to the business owner to supply the pictures, write the website text, supply product or service descriptions and tell the designer what they want the customer to do once they are on their new website. This would be fine if business owners were also specialists in behavior theory and understood what causes customers to buy or leave your website. Most business owners run a business that they started because they loved some product or service and they wanted to bring it to market. Most of my customers need help, because they don't know how to truly connect with their customers. This is where I come in.

I am a Customer Experience Designer who builds websites as part of your overall customer experience. My value to businesses is that I come to your business, I listen to your pain points, I understand who your customers are, and a lot of the time, I help you to truly identify who  your customers are. I help you to create a brand and a community of fans around your brand. I take care of all of your photos, I write all of your website copy, I decide how the pages of your website should be organized to cause an action for their business. I make sure that your brand's reputation online helps your customers to choose you instead of your competition. Then I build your website and your social media channels to clarify your value and your competitive advantage to your customers. 

I have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Behavioral Science, Entrepreneurship, Website Design and Customer And User Experience, which makes me uniquely equipped to deliver such compelling customer experiences and brand promise clarification for your business. 

How Long Does It Take?

For customers who purchase the guide to build their own customer experience, they can usually get the work done within two to three months. Of course, that timeline will be much shorter if your site is only one to two pages and you are not selling products. For the 12 customers that I work with each year, your entire customer experience will be completed within one month from the date that I start your Customer Experience Design. That will include my visit to your location, logo and slogan development or revision, photographs, website text written for your website, a fully functioning and well design website, social media channels, training and so much more.

I like to completely immerse myself in your business so that I am able to understand your unique value to your customers, and then create your brand story to reach and connect with your customers. I find that by focusing on a very small number of clients, I am able to deliver high quality results in a very short amount of time. This quick turnaround means that you can start building customer loyalty into your customer relationships sooner rather than later. 


What's Included?

Every customer experience has multiple elements; the research and branding, the domain name, logo, slogan, the images, the text written on the website and social media channels (brand story), and so much more. What you will receive will depend on the products that you select from my Your Customer's Shoes Store. I offer consulting services where I look over your existing website and provide you with suggestions for improvements. I offer extensive eBooks that guide you during every step of setting up your business, brand, website and more. I also offer full service design services where I handle all of these elements for you, end to end. 

As an example, when it comes to the pictures used on your website, a picture is worth a thousand words. For this portion of your customer experience design I either choose high quality stock images which elevate your customer experience, or I arrange for a photographer in your area to come to your business and capture the perfect photos for your website and social media channels. Every aspect of your customer experience is tailored to your specific business based on my extensive research of both your business, your industry and your competitors. 

All of my products and services have very detailed product descriptions to help you decide which item may be the best fit for you or for your business. Everything that is included with each product or service will be clearly detailed on the individual product pages

How Do I Work?

My eBooks, courses and other educational products are offered all year long. They may be purchased and downloaded at any time from the Education section of the Your Customer's Shoes Store

My Brand Building Bootcamps are offered four times per year in four different cities around the world. To see which Bootcamps are currently available, please visit the Bootcamp page on this website. 

My consulting services are available at different hours throughout the month. To book services such as a Website Review, a Logo/Brand Story Package or more, simply visit the Consulting Category of the Your Customer's Shoes Store. 

I only take one Customer Experience Design client per month. I like to really focus on that one client, really get to know their industry and immerse myself in their business so that I can get inside the minds of their customers. After I have a solid understanding of what your customers will respond to, I like to build all of my experiences within one month. My clients enjoy the fact that their customer experience design projects take almost no invest of their time and that they start and end very quickly. 

Click Here to see more specific details about how to hire me. 

Do You Provide Training?

Yes, a large part of what I do for my clients is to train them on how to manage and edit their own websites and social media channels. I teach you how to use your social media channels to constantly connect with your customers, tell your brand story in interesting and relevant ways and create a community of fans around your brand. Once I am done creating them for you, you will not have to go through me or any other developer or designer. You will have full control of your site and all of your social media channels. I will make sure that you know how to use them completely before I turn them over to you. 

Additionally, I have a YouTube Channel with tons of helpful videos about how to perform tasks such as editing your business hours, creating your first Instagram post, promoting a sale or event at your business and much, much more. 

What Are The Monthly Fees?

If you are one of the customers who are learning about the world of Customer Experience and still trying to figure out how to write your brand story, you are welcome to use my site and all of it's resources free of charge. If you purchased the guide 'Wow, You Built That?', you will simply purchase the guide one time, and then you will have the monthly maintenance fees listed below. Please note that the fees are not paid to me, but to the partners that I personally use and recommend to you to keep your site up and running optimally. 

If you are one of the 12 customers that I work with during the year, you will only have to invest in my services one time. However, you will have monthly maintenance fees for hosting, website tools, and a service that both speeds up and secures your website. The total for those services is roughly $150 monthly. I always liken this to the rent that you pay for your physical location.

For the average customer, rent is a minimum of $2,000 per month, and that does not include all of the service costs; trash pick up, utilities, security, etc. You have to invest money for rent, the utilities to power that location, insurance, and maintenance, which take your costs up to around $4,000 per month. Your internet location 'website' is a cost of doing business, with the advantage that your costs to maintain your website are less than 4% of what it costs you to run your physical storefronts ($4,000 x 4%: $160). You pay rent every month, but you will only pay for my services one time, and then all you have are your $150 monthly maintenance fees. These are very small fees that have to be invested in to protect and optimize your website so that your customers have the most pleasant experience possible. After all, happy customers are loyal customers. 

A few examples of some of the monthly expenses included in the $150 are:



-Security Updates




Get To Know Me

Listen to my Podcast on YouTube and read my free workbook 'Wish Upon A Brand' that goes along with the first nine episodes. Create your own customer experience. 

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Want More Details?

Now you know a bit more about who I am, but you may want more information about what I can do for your business. Read my Case Study to see a real life example of how I work, how it improved a company’s customer experience and how it increased their revenue.

Companies That Have A Clear And Consistent Brand Story

Want To Hire Me To Create Your Customer Experience?

Your entire customer experience design, including your website and social media channels take 3-4 weeks to create. I am usually booked at least three months in advance. Additionally, it usually takes Google one to two months to index your site so that it shows up in the search results on the first page. The sooner I begin work on your customer experience, the sooner Google can find your site and we can get you connected to your customers. 

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