Happy Friday everyone. It’s the end of another week and there was one question that just kept coming up all week with my clients, “Just what do they want?”

It’s a question as old as time, right? We are talking about customers and our never ending quest to satisfy, engage and impress them, and you thought online dating was hard.


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So, what’s this ‘Rules of the Click’ all about? It’s an image and a video that I created to help explain how your customers think when they are physically sitting down in front of their computers or searching on their mobile devices.

This is really where the rubber meets the road. If your business doesn’t pass the Rules of the Click, you never even had a shot at earning their business.


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In short, this tool helps you to understand, literally, second by second, what your customers are experiencing when they search for products and services online.

You have to remember that people are busy, they are tired and they are very easily distracted. For that reason, you have to grab their attention and answer the big question, “What’s In It For Me?” That is what customers are thinking, period.


whats in it for me your customers shoes


I could sugar coat it and walk you through some fancy algorithm and tell you all the technical specifics and then sit back and watch you die of boredom.


Die of boredom your customers shoes blog

Instead, I am telling you what customers do, what you do, what I do. It’s human nature to shop and qualify or disqualify businesses this way.

I like to joke around at my Brand Building Bootcamps and say, “If shopping were like Tinder, would your customers swipe left or right on your business?” If you are not familiar with the app, it’s a mobile dating app where people are shown pictures of their locally available singles.

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Then you have the option to swipe left to basically throw them in the trash (aka…not gonna happen buddy) or swipe right to connect (aka…I might not crawl out the bathroom window at a restaurant on a first date with this guy).


tinder app your customers shoes blog


So, now that we are all graduates of Tinder U, I will ask the question again. Would your customers swipe left or right on your business?


Tinder professionals your customers shoes blog


I am sad to report to you that if you even made it to this round, you did something right. The first steps to get to this speed dating arrangement are that your customers have to find you, so that they can even decide if they can consider you. That’s where the Rules of the Click comes in.


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Whichever one of the items below that you choose, remember that at the end of the day, it’s not about you. It’s about your customer. It’s about you satisfying their needs.

It’s about you providing value and a ‘knock their socks off’ customer experience before they have ever pulled so much as a dirty nickel from their pockets and tossed it your way.


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As you have probably already figured out, this blog, my company, my brand is a bit unorthodox. I don’t provide information in complicated blog posts with diagrams and metrics for you. 

That kind of packaged information is necessary for some people, because that is how they learn. I don’t learn well that way and as a result, I can’t teach you in that way.


unorthodox your customers shoes blog


I learn by relating to whatever I am trying to understand. I learn by seeing actual examples and asking myself if I see myself and my own behavior in what I am studying. I want to find my people, my tribe.


my tribe your customers shoes

I want to teach my way. I want to have as many people who learn the way that I teach, dig into my content and come up with a better understanding of how to create a customer experience that will help their customers to choose them.


my tribe your customers shoes blog


If that sounds like you, then buckle up and dive in.


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For you Harry Potter types that like to read, here is an image to nerd out on. Get your nerd on. Ummm, get your nerd on. 



For you Netflix and Binge types, check out my YouTube video. Don’t forget the snacks y’all. This is good stuff. 


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