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Ronnie V.

Hardware Store/Site


“What can I say, I’m great with tools and I love grilling. I love it so much that I opened a hardware store that carries grilling supplies, but I needed help. Elle knows Customer Experience, which I didn’t even know was a thing until someone recommended her to me. She is down to earth, honest, and hard working. She kept everything simple. She handled every detail and she delivered results. My business has more customers and is easier to run now. If I ever open another business, she will be one of the first people that I meet with to plan for success.”

5 Gold Stars Excellent Customer Experience Review

Your Real Estate Whisperer For Sale SignKristina S.

Blog Website/Social Media


Every penny I have spent on my current site has been worth thousands in my pocket. I only launched my new site three weeks ago and the results are better than one year’s worth of leads from my previous site. I can’t thank Elle enough for her time, her cooperation and for leading me to the right track: using social media platforms to promote my brand. Her advice has been spot on for everything. She has helped me launch more than just a website, she has helped me to get back on track to a successful life and a thriving business.”

5 Gold Stars Excellent Customer Experience Review

How I Work 

  • Learn About Your Business And Your Industry 5% 5%
  • Explore Your Current Customer Experience 5% 5%
  • Research, Identify and Explore Your Competition 5% 5%
  • Identify Or Create Your Competitive Advantage Within Your Industry 10% 10%
  • Research And Identify Your High Value Customers And Their Needs 10% 10%
  • Design Or Refine Your Customer Experience To Cater To Your Target Customers 15% 15%
  • Develop Or Refine Your Logo and Slogan 10% 10%
  • Take Or Choose Your Pictures And Write All Of The Text For Your Website and Social Media Channels 15% 15%
  • Build Your Matching Website, Email, And Social Media Channels 15% 15%
  • Train You On How To Use Your Website And Post To Your Social Media Channels 10% 10%

Want More Details?

If you want more information about what I can do for your business, simply read my Case Study to see a real life example of how I work, how it improved a company’s customer experience and how it increased their revenue.

Get To Know Me

Listen to my Podcast on YouTube and read my free workbook 'Wish Upon A Brand' that goes along with the first nine episodes. Create your own customer experience. 

Wish Upon A Brand
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Want To Hire Me To Create Your Customer Experience?

Your entire customer experience design, including your website and social media channels take 3-4 weeks to create. I am usually booked at least three months in advance. Additionally, it usually takes Google one to two months to index your site so that it shows up in the search results on the first page. The sooner I begin work on your customer experience, the sooner Google can find your site and we can get you connected to your customers. 

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