My YouTube channel is where I share my experiences as a regular customer so that I am able to help businesses understand how their customers think, search, shop and interact with their brands. On this channel, I also film product and website reviews (critiques) which cover the entire customer experience; researching the product/company, purchasing and shipping, unboxing, initial impressions and full product review a month later.

You will see a lot of screen capture videos (both desktop and mobile) on this channel, because I think it is easier to show people what their customers are doing then to tell them. In my videos, I will share what I am thinking as a customer while I am shopping, how I qualify or disqualify a business as a potential match for whatever I am looking for and what information that I used to arrive at my final decision. These can be very education videos for anyone, but specifically for a business owner, because it shows where your customer experience needs to be strong to win the business.

If that sounds like something that you may be interested in watching, visit me on my YouTube channel. If you are interested in having your products or website reviewed by me, simply click here to learn more about that service. If you have a physical location that you would like me to review, click here to learn more.

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