Wish Upon A Brand is a free 45+ page Workbook that guides you through the 9 Steps To Creating Your Unique Brand by focusing on your Customer Experience right from the beginning. This guide covers choosing your business name, researching your competitors, choosing your social media names, creating your logo, writing your slogan and identifying your competitive advantage to help you create a meaningful connection with your customers so that they choose you.

There are 9 Podcast episodes, one at the beginning of each of the nine sections, which explain what we will be doing in that section in detail. I discuss why these questions are important, provide you with valuable links to free resources and provide you with encouragement and direction to stop dreaming and start building the brand of your dreams.


  • Get To Know Yourself
  • Understand Your Industry
  • Evaluate Your User Experience
  • Identify Your Competitive Advantage
  • Identify Your Target Customers
  • Choose Your Brand Name
  • Choose Your Domain Name
  • Create Your Logo
  • Position Your Brand For Success


Download Instructions: When you click the link Wish Upon A Brand you will be taken to the page where this workbook has been placed on my website so that you may review it at your leisure. To move around in the workbook, simply tap the screen with your mouse to go to the next page, or use your arrow keys to move forward and back in the workbook. If you would prefer to download the workbook and print it out, simply click the words ‘click here’ on that page. This will download the eBook and you may print it out or view it on your preferred PDF reader from there.


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