Usability Testing

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For your website, a conversion may be signing up for a class, buying a product or more. We have to test it, end to end, to make sure that it is easy and pleasant for your customers to complete a conversion task.

If you would like to hear me explain the specifics of this product and what is included, simply listen to recording that I have made for you below.

What Is Usability Testing?



Can You Show Me What It Looks Like?


Information I Provide To You With Each Usability Gig: 

I will tell you if it was easy to find the task that you assigned.

I tell you what the user experience was like as I completed the task.

I explain what the follow up was like after the task from a customer’s perspective.

I will say if I thought it was easy or difficult to complete.

I provide you with screen recording videos with my findings for you to watch and listen to. I find that I can be much more detailed in my notes with you if I am speaking about my thoughts as they are happening. Additionally, it is a great tool for you to be able to share with people in your company so that they understand my first impressions more clearly.

How Does This Help?:
It helps by identifying any challenges that your customers may be experiencing while they are attempting certain tasks on your website so that you may improve your customer experience.

Test Levels: 

I offer three test levels, as captured in the images above. The main difference is as follows:

Basic: Test performed on my MacBook Pro and feedback given.

Standard: Test performed on my MacBook Pro AND my iPhone and feedback given.

Premium: Test performed on my MacBook Pro AND my iPhone and feedback given. I also provide suggestions to you at this test level for changes that you could make to improve your customer experience with respect to this particular test’s subject matter.


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