I try to package my Customer Experience information into different kinds of formats; reading (blog), video (youtube) and of course listening (this podcast). My podcast is a place where you can come during a lunch break or during your commute to and from work. This is a wonderful place to get motivated about your Customer Experience. You will find that my podcast episodes pretty much always have a healthy dose of business motivation in them, because that’s just part of who I am. I like helping other people to become their best and my podcast is definitely a place where you will hear that come to life.

My episodes cover topics that will help you to build or refine your customer experience by keeping you informed about Customer Experience news. You will also hear me cover topics such as ‘Getting To Know Yourself’, ‘Building Your Brand Promise’ and more. I have written a free workbook ‘Wish Upon A Brand’ that goes along with the first nine podcast episodes. Click here if you are interested in reading that guide. I love to conduct interviews of both business owners and other customers so that we are all able to grow in our understanding of how both the business and the customer think and attempt to interact with one another in meaningful ways. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then have a listen to an episode or twenty and let’s get fired up about your customer experience.

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