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If you are a service or subscription based service and you want to test your overall customer experience, this is a product that will be very valuable to you. This can be such a powerful tool in understanding what it’s like to sign up for your service, interact with your service on your website, what challenges I find on your website when trying to call or web chat with your company, and more. I also tell you what the follow up was like after the sale; email(s) received, etc.

Then I will shoot a product review video for you to capture my overall thoughts and feelings about using your service.

This product is ideal for the following kinds of customers:

  • YouTube Channels
  • Dating Sites
  • Subscription Services (PicMonkey.com, MyFitnessPal, Shutterstock Images, Fiverr, Instagram etc)

In other words, if your company does not sell and ship physical products, then you would fall into this category and this Online Service Experience Review is the best fit for you.

If you would like to hear me explain the specifics of this product and what is included, simply listen to recording that I have made for you below.

What Is An Web Experience Review?


You Will Find All Specifics For The Online Service Experience Review Listed Below:

-Screen Capture Video Of Me Shopping On Your Website With Audio And Video

-Screen Capture Shopping Video Will Include: 

-What I Looked At On The Website

-What Challenges I Had On Your Website

-What I Loved

-My Actual Shopping And Checkout Experience

-What Kind Of Contact, If Any, That I Had With Your Company (Web Chat, Phone, Email, Social Media, Etc).

-What I Wanted To See And Didn’t And What Tools I Think Would Help More Customers To Choose To Checkout/Buy Now

-What My Overall Impression Of Shopping Your Website Was

-Emails Received After The Order And What I Thought Of Them

Review Video Will Include: 

-Review Video Will Be Filmed With Professional Camera, Lighting And Audio

-Critique Of Information Present On Your Website

-First Impression Of Your Service When I Landed On Your Website

-Information That I See And Information That I Wanted To See And Did Not

-Video Will Include My Perception Of What I Expected Versus What Actually Happened While Testing Your Product

-Video Review Of Me Discussing What I Love And What I Would Like To See Improved

-Video Will Include Discussion About Whether Or Not I Would Purchase This Product Or Not

-Video Will Include Discussion About My Opinion Of The Price Of The Product; Too High/Low Or Correctly Priced

-Video Will Include Discussion About Whether Or Not I Would Give Your Product As A Gift And Who I Would Give It To And Why

-Video Will Include Suggestions For Improving Layout, Information Included On Your Site, Service Design And Tools That You May Include To Make Me Want To Engage With Your Company Online And Share Your Brand

-I Will Write A Short, But Effective, Product Review For Your Product For You To Use As You See Fit

-Identify Top 5 Social Media Influencers For Your Service For You To Collaborate With To Grow Your Brand

-Send You My Top Tips For Getting Those Social Media Influencers To Talk About Your Products To Their Fan Base

The Online Service Experience Review is a great tool to use to measure your product inside of your company.This video is not shot with the goal of being able to use it as a YouTube review, as I want to be able to speak freely and in an unbiased way about your product so that I can provide you with valuable feedback about your product. If you would like me to shoot a YouTube Review of your product, please reach out to me via email to set that up. That video will be shot with me reviewing your product for potential buyers and will contain less direct product feedback and will be filmed with the intent to help customers want to buy your product.

To begin your Online Service Experience Review, you simply complete checkout on my website. After checkout, I will reach out to you via email to find out what kinds of products that you would like for me to purchase on your website. After we agree, I will ask you to generate a promotional code (with only 1 use) so that I may checkout on your website and receive the service that I am evaluating, free of charge.

I want to get the full shopping customer experience, so I want to view your service the same way that your customers do. This way, I do not have to incur the out of pocket expenses of purchasing your service, but I am able to test shopping and service specifics just like one of your customers would.

After I have visited your website, I will film your product review, to include the information from above. I will create your list of top social media influencers. It will only take me 2-4 days to complete and send you your video reviews (both screen capture of actual shopping and product review video), social media influencer list, my Top Tips and your product images.

After I complete your product review, I will create your written product review for you and I will send your video, list and images via Dropbox.

I look forward to helping you to better understand your product so that more of your customers can choose you.

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