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If you would like to hear me explain the specifics of this product and what is included, simply listen to recording that I have made for you below.

What Is An Online Experience Review?


Can You Show Me What It Looks Like?

If you would like to see a real life example of what kinds of things can be discovered during an online review, simply watch the video below. It’s often simple things that could be causing your customers to choose your competitors.

You Will Find All Specifics For The Online Experience Review Listed Below:

  • 40+ Page Workbook (Wish Upon A Brand)
  • 200+ Page eBook (Wait, You Built That)
  • Review Of Your Current Website And Social Media Channels
  • Review Of Your Current Social Media Channels
  • Suggestions To Improve Your Website
  • Suggestions To Improve Your Social Media Channels
  • Screen Capture Of High Value Information
  • In Depth Online Company Research
  • In Depth Social Media Research
  • Check Your Current Customer Service(Call, Email, Live Chat, And Facebook)
  • Evaluate Information Or Tools That Either Were Or Were Not Available That Would Cause Me To Checkout Or Abandon The Customer Action
  • Evaluate Your Customer Experience (Shop Your Website, Place An Order, Tracking, Shipping Time, Packaging)
  • Evaluate Your Online Credibility (Reviews, Social Media Channels, YouTube Videos, Etc)
  • Evaluate Your Current Brand Reputation (Trustworthy, Would Or Would Not Buy And Why)
  • Identify Your Top 3 Competitors
  • Identify High Engagement Keywords
  • Identify Social Media Influencers For You To Collaborate With To Grow Your Brand

To begin your Online Experience Review, you simply complete checkout on my website. I will begin my preliminary research and reach out to you within 24 hours. During the first week, we will share a short phone call where you may tell me about anything specific that you would like me to evaluate. I will take it from there and begin my online review. During your Online Review, I will complete all of my research about your business, your competitors and your industry online.

I will also screen capture high value information that I believe you need to see so that you may watch it with your employees or other business leaders. This is important so that the current state of your business can be clearly articulated and a game plan may be created by your business to overcome any challenges that I discover. After I complete my research, I will create a summary report for you to review and I will send you a link to all of your videos on a private page on YouTube that can only be seen by you and your employees and myself.

Finally, we will have a phone call to discuss my findings where you may ask for advice or clarification about what we have discovered.

I look forward to creating something special for your customers together.

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