If you would like to hear me explain the specifics of this product and what is included, simply listen to recording that I have made for you below.

What Is An On-Site Review?



Can You Show Me What It Looks Like?

This is a great YouTube video of mine for you to watch to really understand the three main elements of how I will build your Customer Experience Design.

You Will Find All Specifics Of The On-Site Review Product Listed Below: 

  • 40+ Page Workbook (Wish Upon A Brand)
  • 200+ Page eBook (Wait, You Built That)
  • Identify Your Top 3 Competitors
  • Review Of Your Current Website And Social Media Channels And Your Competitors
  • Review Of Your Current Social Media Channels And Your Competitors
  • Suggestions To Improve Your Website
  • Suggestions To Improve Your Social Media Channels
  • Screen Capture Of High Value Information
  • In Depth Online Company Research
  • In Depth Social Media Research
  • Check Your Current Customer Service(Call, Email, Live Chat, And Facebook) Online
  • Evaluate Information Or Tools That Either Were Or Were Not Available That Would Cause Me To Checkout Or Abandon The Customer Action
  • Evaluate Your Customer Experience (Shop Your Website, Place An Order, Tracking, Shipping Time, Packaging)
  • Evaluate Your Online Credibility (Reviews, Social Media Channels, YouTube Videos, Etc)
  • Evaluate Your Current Brand Reputation (Trustworthy, Would Or Would Not Buy And Why)
  • Identify High Engagement Keywords
  • Identify Social Media Influencers For You To Collaborate With To Grow Your Brand
  • Check Your Current Customer Service And Your Competitors At Your Physical Store (Phone Support, Employees, Etc.) And At Theirs.
  • Evaluate Physical Storefront Customer Experience For You And Your Competitors (Layout, Employee Knowledge, Lines, Prices, Parking, Etc)
  • Speak  With Locals In Your Area And Find Out Who They Would Recommend And Why
  • Clarification Of Your Competitive Advantage
  • Clarification Of Your Brand Promise
  • 2 Day On-Site Business Evaluation
  • Online Business Evaluation
  • Customer Experience Training
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Experience Storefront Plan
  • Customer Experience Online Plan
  • Access To My Private YCS Community Page
  • Screen Capture Videos Of Your Online Experience And Your Competitors
  • Cell Phone Video And Images From Your Physical Stores And Your Competitors
  • 1 On-Site Research/Training Sessions With Me (2 Days)
  • My Airfare And Accommodations During My Trip To Your Location

To begin your On-Site Review, you simply complete checkout on my website. I will begin my preliminary research and reach out to you within 24 hours. During the first week, we will share a short phone call to discuss start and visit dates which are best for you. I will take it from there and begin my online research about your business, your competitors and your industry.

I will then send you a short report detailing my findings and we will agree upon dates for my On-Site Review at your location. I will fly to your location, evaluate the current customer experience at your physical locations and then meet with you to discuss my findings.

Finally, I will take my research findings from both your online and on-site reviews, your input from our conversations during my visit and I will create your Customer Experience Design. I will overnight your Customer Experience Design Plans to you and then we will have two phone calls to discuss how to best implement your new Customer Experience Design.

I look forward to creating something special for your customers together.

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