Welcome to my brand. magazine. The name of my magazine pretty much sums up my theory of design, brand, period! If you create and maintain a strong brand and a unique customer experience, it will be very difficult for your competition to take customers away from you.

Each quarter, this magazine tackles one issue in an 8-10 page format to get you motivated about a specific customer experience idea. This magazine is meant to encourage you to constantly refine and evaluate your brand and your customer experience from your customer’s perspective. Click here to sign up for my free quarterly magazine.

Download Instructions: When you click the link My Magazine you will be taken to the page where my magazine has been placed on my website so that you may review it at your leisure. Simply scroll down to move through the magazine, or use the + or – keys to go forward and back in the workbook. If you would prefer to download the magazine and print it out, simply click the button that looks like this (piece of paper with an arrow pointing down) on the grey toolbar at the bottom of the document. This will download the magazine and you may print it out or view it on your preferred PDF reader from there.

I hope that this magazine helps you to find a few customer experience concepts per year that you can really focus on so that more of your potential customers choose you.

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