First Impression Testing


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First Impression Testing is also known as 5 Second Testing. I will visit your web page for only five seconds, then close the screen and tell you what my first impression was.

If you would like to hear me explain the specifics of this product and what is included, simply listen to recording that I have made for you below.

What Is 5 Second Testing?


Can You Show Me What It Looks Like?

Information I Provide To You With Each First Impression Gig:

I will tell you what I think the page was about.

I will detail to you what I remember about the page.

I will explain what I would have done next.

I will say if the page would have made me stay or leave (bounce rate) and why.

I will provide you with feedback about the layout, colors and overall look and feel of the page.

I provide you with screen recording videos with my findings for you to watch and listen to. I find that I can be much more detailed in my notes with you if I am speaking about my thoughts as they are happening. Additionally, it is a great tool for you to be able to share with people in your company so that they understand my first impressions more clearly. 

How Does This Help?:

Statistically speaking, you have only 9 seconds to grab your user’s attention. This test helps you to know if your page is causing people to stay (engagement) or to leave (bounce rate).

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