Welcome to my blog, The Tip Bar. I call it that because I want it to be a place that you belly up to at the end of a long day and find encouragement. I want my blog to be like an old wise friend who gives you the truth and information in a straightforward and easy to understand format.

I provide information about how to build your website, set up your email, build your social media accounts and use all of those tools to make meaningful connections with your customers.  I also write about creating a unique brand, defining your brand promise, carving out your competitive advantage and how to create and refine your customer experience so that your customers will choose you over the competition.

If you would like to read short, to the point blog posts about how to create things in your business to help your customers choose you, then come on in and have a round. Not a reader? Listen to the Your Customer’s Shoes Podcast, now on YouTube.

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