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create experiences + solve problems

Using CX and UX to increase revenue and engineer brand loyalty Since 2003.

What I do

I work with business leaders to understand your business and your needs. I help you to identify exactly what problem you are trying to solve. During my user research, I talk to your users and really identify what they struggle with and what they absolutely love. Finally, I create and test solutions  that meet your business needs while giving your customers an experience that they can’t wait to share.

Business Strategy

Before I speak to users, I sit down with business leaders. I work with you to clarify exactly what problem you are trying to solve and who you are trying to solve it for. Then we will discuss your timeline, resources for this project and agree upon your business goals for this project from increasing revenue to reaching into new markets. 


UX Research

I identify the users whose problem would be solved by using this new solution. I talk to them and let them test various version of the design so that I am able of identifies opportunities and reducing any pain points.

Brand Identity

After identifying your target users, I create a brand personality that they will easily relate to for this product. This helps me to decide on a product name, logo, style, types of images and style of copy to develop for your project.


After we know who we are trying to reach, it is much easier to use images that will naturally align with them. At this point, I will either take the photos that will be used on your website or send one of my photographers to your location to handle this part of the creative process for us. Pictures really are worth a thousand words. 

Web Development

Once we have created the UX Design that your customers seem to enjoy the most, I work with a User Interface Designer, Coder and Graphic Artist to bring your project to life. I am involved in every step to gaurantee that your brand voice and promise are consistenly reinforced and delivered upon. 


No project is ever really ‘done’. After we finalize your solution and launch it to your users, the most valuable part of the process actually begins, real live user feedback. We will discuss the future versions of your project and decide how often to test, update and improve the initial design. 

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Every brilliant solution started with a simple problem. 


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

why choose me?

Being able to conduct user research, build wireframes and create working prototypes for testing are all amazing skill sets.

Being able to understand how those tools fit into the overall business needs and goals and then creating an experience is another thing entirely. 

I help people create enjoyable customer experiences that their customers are excited to share.

When customers share their good experiences, your revenue increases, customers become free brand advocates, your marketing costs are reduced and your market share increases.

Simple as that. 

My Latest Work

Explore some of the solutions that I have created to see if I am a good fit for you. 

My Skills

You are never done learning. Learn at least one new thing per day. Experiment with one new tool every month. Learn a completely new skill set at least once per year.


With roughly two decades of experience as an Entrepreneur, Consultant and CX/UX Designer, I feel very confident saying that I bring a well rounded expert to your project. 

Having had the privilege of having my own customers for so long, I have a keen understanding of what your needs as a business leader are. I know that you are busy and that your time is extremely valuable. I run every aspect of my UX design process with that in mind to provide you with quality results, delivered on time. 

  • Branding – 30%
  • UX Research/Design – 60%
  • Interface Design – 10%

a little obsessed with Cx/Ux

“Customer Experience is about identifying the value that your business can add to your customer’s lives, and then telling them a story about your brand that makes them care. Once you get customers to care about your brand, customer loyalty comes naturally.”

~Elle Robertson


Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the experience.

User Experience

User Experiences are the tools used to deliver on that customer experience every single time.

From My Clients

Don’t take my word for it. My customers say……..

“Enlisting Elle’s help with my business was the best business decision I could have made. For two years I struggled with my business, trying to take it to the next step. But we were not growing. When I applied her advice and did what she directed me to do, our sales began to increase immediately. She is able to hone in on exactly how the customer thinks, while “speaking the language” of an entrepreneur. I am so grateful for all of the help she has provided us, and will continue to utilize her services and implement her suggestions as we grow. If you are thinking you can’t afford her, my reply to this is, “You can’t afford not to.”

Christina Resuta

Founder, Fast Charms

“What can I say, I’m great with tools and I love grilling. I love it so much that I opened a hardware store that carries grilling supplies, but I needed help. Elle knows Customer Experience, which I didn’t even know was a thing until someone recommended her to me. She is down to earth, honest, and hard working. She kept everything simple. She handled every detail and she delivered results. My business has more customers and is easier to run now. If I ever open another business, she will be one of the first people that I meet with to plan for success.”

Ronnee Valie

President, Galvez Hardware

“Every penny I have spent on my current site has been worth thousands in my pocket. I only launched my new site three weeks ago and the results are better than one year’s worth of leads from my previous site. I can’t thank Elle enough for her time, her cooperation and for leading me to the right track: using social media platforms to promote my brand. Her advice has been spot on for everything. She has helped me launch more than just a website, she has helped me to get back on track to a successful life and a thriving business.”

Kristina Smallhorn

Realtor/YouTube Creator, Your Real Estate Whisperer

“Elle has been like my secret weapon. She is so much more than a ‘UX Designer. She understands customers and business on a level that is beyond impressive. She figures out what you are trying to do for your customers, whose already doing it for them and then she builds you a solution which does it better. Hiring Elle helped me to find my people and really grow a loyal and engaged audience. Having millions of followers is great, having thousands of genuinely engaged followers and brand advocates is better. That is where Elle really helps any business to shine. ”

Kandice Savoy

Blogger, Savoyed It

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