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What Does A Poor Customer Experience Look Like? 

A poor customer experience can happen anywhere, at any time. It can happen while a customer is doing research about your business before they interact with you. It happens when they walk into your stores, shop on your websites and when they call your customer support team.

A very important moment when your customer experience can have a substantial impact on your business is after the transaction is over. The customer will tell your brand story. They will share their customer experience with their friends both in person and on social media. Let’s have a look at how your customer experience, good or bad will be shared with the world.


Social Media Channels Are Powerful Brand Influencers 

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Bad customer experiences happen far too often, and this is not exclusive to WalMart. These employees are disconnected. The overall customer experience does not deliver on the brand promise ‘Save Money. Live Better’. The customers don’t have the chance to save money or to live better if the employees kill the sale before the customer ever walks into the store.

Your Customers Talk To Each Other

This parody about customer experience takes a comical look at a serious issue. Your customers talk about your business in face to face conversations, on the phone and online. They tell your customer experience story, good or bad. What are they saying about your business?

They Start Conversations

Let’s look at the hashtag #bankofamericasucks. It’s not just that poor customer experience makes people take to the internet to vent, it’s that these comments don’t exist as just posts. Customers who have had a poor customer experience post about it on Instagram and Facebook, where conversations, comments, likes, memes and sharing happen. Your customer experience has to withstand this kind of exposure. How do you do that? You deliver an excellent customer experience every single time.

They Speak Up Immediately

Let’s look at how quickly customers react by looking at a few #ihatedelta posts on Twitter. Customers have the ability to speak their minds with the press of a button. They can tweet, blog or upload YouTube videos about their poor customer experiences. Your business can not ignore the fact that customers are talking, they are speaking up, and they are talking about your customer experience online. What are they saying about your business?

The customer’s perception is your reality. 

Kate Zabriskie

CEO, Business Training Works


There will be talk about your business online. You can control a very large portion of that conversation by focusing on your customer experience. You have to be part of the conversation. You have to tell your brand story and not just leave it up to your customers. Your website and your social media channels are the tools that you can use to take ownership of what’s being said about your brand.

Deliver an excellent customer experience, give people a place to come together and share your brand value with one another. Let’s create your customer experience and start the conversation with your customers.


Want To Hire Me To Create Your Customer Experience?

Your entire customer experience design, including your website and social media channels take 3-4 weeks to create. I am usually booked at least three months in advance. Additionally, it usually takes Google one to two months to index your site so that it shows up in the search results on the first page. The sooner I begin work on your customer experience, the sooner Google can find your site and we can get you connected to your customers. 

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