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What you will find below is a single example of how I work. My reasoning for this is pretty simple. Most customers are only going to look at a few examples because they are very busy. I respect your time, so I am giving you what you are actually looking for on this page, proof that I can do what I am offering to do.

I would rather provide you with a mini summary of what the customer came to me for and show you the results, than to show you a bunch of websites that I have built but provide you with no detail about whether I gave the customer what they wanted.

I work with companies from all walks of life; real estate agents and lawyers, salons and night clubs, authors and speakers and many many e-commerce stores. I have been doing this kind of work for a long time and have a wide variety of experiences to draw upon to provide you with the results that you want.

What you will notice when you have a look at the examples below is that the websites and social media channels that I built are all consistent. They deliver the same experience at every touchpoint. They tell a clear brand story about what that business can do for the customer.

I always like to mention that this website, my website ( was built by me. Every picture on these pages and every single word written on the pages of my site were created by me. The way that each page is organized, the ease of navigation from page to page and the ability to find what you are looking for easily were all designed by me. If you need another example of my work, you are already experiencing it right here on my site. I just like to remind my potential customers of that so that they have another real life example of how I can represent your brand.

My websites focus on causing an action, not just a reaction. I want your customers to do something when they go to your website. I want them to choose you and then I want to make it as easy as possible for them to connect with you. Feel free to go clicking around their website until you are fully satisfied. You will have a very clear understanding of how I design by spending some time on their site. It will say more about my work than any group of portfolio shots that I could add to this page ever could. Lastly,

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My websites are built for your customers. They are designed to demonstrate your value to your customers immediately. Everything that I do for your business is designed with this concept in mind ‘Customers do business with people that they know, like and trust’.


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You will find that my websites have that business principle incorporated into every stage of the design.  My websites are easy to navigate, tell your brand story in a way that is engaging and easy to understand and they increase customer connection with your brand. My websites and social media channels are designed to ‘Engineer Customer Loyalty’, not just grab a one time customer.

I am in the business of creating habit forming customer experiences that grow your brand by helping you to truly connect with your customers.


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A Customer That I Had The Pleasure Of Building With

Galvez Hardware


This local hardware store came to me because they felt that they needed help clarifying what they offer to their customers. They have been in business since 1978 and have a great reputation as a local hardware store. However, with Home Depot and Lowes opening new locations in their area, they felt that they wanted to promote what they really truly specialize in, Outdoor Cooking. They needed to differentiate their brand, their store and their services from the national ‘big box’ stores.

Package Purchased

They originally purchased a simple Phone Call  for one hour. This client did not have a website or any social media channels. After our conversation, they hired me for my full Customer Experience Design services which included a full On-Site Review at their location, a full Online Review of their company, a new slogan, logo, clarifying their brand promise and value to the customer, building their website, building their social media channels, linking them all together and training them on how to use all of those channels to connect with their customers.


They have a multi state (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi) reputation for being the best place to purchase outdoor and grilling supplies, for being able to build any custom cooking burners that you could need, they carried many exclusive brands (Cajun Hibachi, etc.), but no one really knew any of that unless they physically walked into their store.

They also offered local experts in various subjects from flood repair, crawfish boils, tailgating and so much more. One of the simplest things that they do for their customers is to have fresh coffee and water available (free of charge) in their little ‘Cooking Shack’ kitchen area in the back of their hardware store. It is a wonderful place to take a break from the grueling heat in Louisiana, spread out your plans and then select the supplies that you need for whatever you are working on. It’s a small distinction, but customers absolutely love it. You are not going to find that at a big chain hardware store.

Additionally, as most of their employees have been at Galvez Hardware for more than a decade, they know everything about the products that they carry, services that they offer, etc. Again, not something that most larger stores may claim. As a women, one of my favorite things to discover was that their staff was comprised of almost all women. This was interesting to me, because I can see the value in going in to speak to other women, not be judged for not knowing certain things and just be able to get the advice and products that I needed.

These are just some of the important elements that I uncovered about their business when I went to their business location and spent some time with them. I got to know their customers, their staff, their local area and more. This knowledge really helped me not only to build their website and social media channels, but it absolutely helped with getting the employees to accept and use the new tools that were built for them. Many times, employees are very resistant to change, so it was incredibly helpful at the end of this design to have those relationships to fall back on. They welcomed the design with open arms, because they had been a part of creating it.


Before the design, their local area was booming with growth and their new local customer base did not know that they offered any of those products or services when they searched online.

With their new website and social media channels, the had instant credibility with potential customers. When customers drove by and then Googled their business, they found a modern, clean and easy to use website that helped to connect them to Galvez Hardware.

The employees love that their customers can reach them so easily, find them easily on the web, ask questions from their phones or computers and walk through their business virtually courtesy of the photo gallery. Additionally, the staff love being able to simply snap a picture from their phones and post to Facebook or Instagram to bring customers into the store.

Outdoor cooking is a huge part of the way of life in Louisiana, so we rebranded their business to highlight their brand promise to the customer ‘Outdoor Cooking Experts Since 1978’ and then built them a website and matching social media channels to help them connect with their customers. They are busier than ever. Their staff is happy. Their customers always compliment them on their site and the business leader feels confident that his brand story and their brand’s value is now clear to his customers.

Want To See More?

Read my Case Study to see another example of how I work, how it improved a company’s customer experience and how it increased their revenue.

Educate: I can teach you how to build and monitor your own customer experience through the free tools on my website; DIY Customer Experience Workbook, Blog, Podcast, YouTube Channel, Case Studies, Social Media Channels, Customer Experience Magazine, Customer Experience Motivational Quotes and more.

Consult: For customers who want my direct assistance to help them to create a plan to improve or design their customer experience, I offer step-by-step eBooksPhone Calls, Brand Building BootcampsOnline Reviews and in person 2 day long On-Site Reviews.

Design: For customers who want to bring me in to personally conduct all of their research, create or recreate their logo, slogan, website, social media channels and full virtual and physical customer experience designs, I offer my CX (Customer Experience) Design services. If you choose to hire me to create your Customer Experience Design, I keep the process very simple for you. I will come to your business and spend time at your location so that I am able to uncover the unique value that your business brings to your customers. You and I will only meet twice. I work very autonomously, because I know that you are very busy. I only work with one client per month so that I am able to really learn about your business, focus, and create a revenue generating customer experience in a short amount of time.

I handle everything for those 12 clients; logo creation, slogan and brand promise clarification, identify or create your competitive advantage, take or choose all of your pictures, write all of your website and social media text and so much more. I deliver everything to you within one month. I am not a website designer, because websites are simply placeholders on the internet. Yes, building websites is one of the tools that I use to create your overall customer experience, but it does not begin or end with your website. I am a Customer Experience Designer.  I create multiple places for you to connect with your customers and I design customer experiences that engineer customer loyalty. It’s not enough to simply have a website anymore. You need to have an overall customer experience strategy that causes customers to choose you, rave about you and stay loyal to you.

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Creating a customer experience is as simple as identifying the value that your business can add to your customer's lives, and then telling them a story about your brand that makes them care. When you get customers to care about your brand, customer loyalty comes naturally.

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