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Hi I'm Raphaela
CX Quote UX Quote Your Customer's Shoes
CX Quote UX Quote Your Customer's Shoes

How To Hire Me

I am available throughout the year for Bootcamps, Phone Consultations by the hour and Customer Experience Design testing. Simply lick on the buttons below to be taken to their product pages for full details.

You may also shop my store to see if I have books, courses or other products which are a better fit for your business.

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Your customer experience is an investment in your competitive advantage.

Your competitive advantage is what causes your customers to choose you.

When customers choose you, you grow your brand and increase revenue.


$125 Per Site

Want Information About Your Web Page Experience?


Screen Capture Of Me Shopping On Your Site

What I Loved

Where I Struggled

What I Wanted To See

My Overall Impression

Page Suggestions

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$150 Per Review

What Did I Think About Your Product + Packaging?

Unboxing Video

Shipping Speed Info

First Impressions

Product Overview

           Get Expert Advice

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          Make A Plan

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$250 Per Test

Want To See Who I Would Choose + Why?

Screen Capture Video Of Me Shopping On Both Sites

Where I Struggled

Who Had What I Was Looking For

Who Would I Choose

Why I Chose Them

Site Suggestions

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$500 Per Shop

What Is It Like To Shop As Your Customer?

Screen Capture Of Me Shopping On Your Site

Checking Out On Your Site

Emails I Received

Unboxing Your Product 

What I Expected Versus What I Received

Site, Shipping + Product Suggestions

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Educate: I can teach you how to build and monitor your own customer experience through the free tools on my website; DIY Customer Experience Workbook, Blog, Podcast, YouTube Channel, Case Studies, Social Media Channels, Customer Experience Magazine, Customer Experience Motivational Quotes and more.

Consult: For customers who want my direct assistance to help them to create a plan to improve or design their customer experience, I offer step-by-step eBooksPhone Calls, Brand Building BootcampsOnline Reviews and in person 2 day long On-Site Reviews.

Design: For customers who want to bring me in to personally conduct all of their research, create or recreate their logo, slogan, website, social media channels and full virtual and physical customer experience designs, I offer my CX (Customer Experience) Design services. If you choose to hire me to create your Customer Experience Design, I keep the process very simple for you. I will come to your business and spend time at your location so that I am able to uncover the unique value that your business brings to your customers. You and I will only meet twice. I work very autonomously, because I know that you are very busy. I only work with one client per month so that I am able to really learn about your business, focus, and create a revenue generating customer experience in a short amount of time.

Creating a customer experience is as simple as identifying the value that your business can add to your customer's lives, and then telling them a story about your brand that makes them care. When you get customers to care about your brand, customer loyalty comes naturally.

Raphaela Laurean

Customer Experience Designer, Your Customer's Shoes

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