Hello, I’m Raphaela

If you are on this page, you are doing exactly what I would do if I were in your shoes. You are trying to figure out who you will be working with or taking advice from on this site, how I work and if it’s a good fit. Yep, that’s a lot to live up to, but I have given it the old college try. I put  this information here so that I can find my people, my perfect clients, and so that they can find me. Come on in. Get to know me and see if you think I am a good fit to be your Customer Experience Designer.
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One of my specialties is being able to authentically connect my customers to their customers, so I am going to be totally transparent with you. If you are looking for a huge creative design firm to take on your customer experience design, I want to ask you to pause here.

You are always welcome to read my blog, watch my videos and learn, but if you are looking to hire me as your Customer Experience Designer, I do 95% of your customer experience design work myself. In other words, you will be working with me exclusively, as opposed to a team of UX, UI, CX, Researchers, etc. My ideal customers prefer this work model, as it helps to reduce the amount of time that they have to invest in speaking with multiple designers and it helps their Experience Design to begin and end very quickly.

My photographer takes your pictures, but other than that, I handle absolutely every other detail of your customer experience design. I find that when one designer sits down and speaks with the business owner, understands the pain points, the customers and the vision, that designer is better equipped to create a more cohesive customer experience than if a team of people were touching different parts of the design.


I only take on two clients per month, which gives me the time to really intensely focus on your business and deliver results. It also gives me enough time to get out into the world, socialize, spend time with my children, write my blog and film YouTube videos for this website and keep up to date about what’s new in the world of Experience Design. This helps me to be a well rounded, enthusiastic and efficient Customer Experience Designer.

I have been a business owner myself for more than a decade, so you are in good hands. I speak Entrepreneur. I understand what you need as a business owner, and I use my Customer Experience design skill set to make it easier for you to grow your brand, connect with your customers, and reduce any strain or stress on your business that we can along the way.

Degrees and Certifications In Experience Design

Bachelor’s Degree 


User Experience Design

UX Design

Web Design

UX and Web Design Master Course

Changing Customer Behavior

Customer Experience: How To Sell More Without Advertising

Master’s Degree

My Industry Partners And Associations
Remember When You Used To Know The People That You Did Business With?
My clients become family to me, so I want you to know what you are getting into. I am not saying that as a sales tactic. If you are one of my customers, I become deeply invested in your business, and by extension, I care about you and your family. I build relationships. It’s part of how I work. I am a real person with a family, children, hobbies, and a business just like you. Here is a look into our crazy wonderful life to give you a better idea of who you will be working with and seeing on our Christmas cards every year.


It’s Been An Adventure So Far



Life Experience Journey Map

How I Work 

  • Learn About Your Business And Your Industry 5% 5%
  • Explore Your Current Customer Experience 5% 5%
  • Research, Identify and Explore Your Competition 5% 5%
  • Identify Or Create Your Competitive Advantage Within Your Industry 10% 10%
  • Research And Identify Your High Value Customers And Their Needs 10% 10%
  • Design Or Refine Your Customer Experience To Cater To Your Target Customers 15% 15%
  • Develop Or Refine Your Logo and Slogan 10% 10%
  • Take Or Choose Your Pictures And Write All Of The Text For Your Website and Social Media Channels 15% 15%
  • Build Your Matching Website, Email, And Social Media Channels 15% 15%
  • Train You On How To Use Your Website And Post To Your Social Media Channels 10% 10%
A Few Of My Favorite Things

Clients Served

Years of Work Experience

Years On This Planet

Industry Books Written

Get To Know Me

Listen to my Podcast on YouTube and read my free workbook 'Wish Upon A Brand' that goes along with the first nine episodes. Create your own customer experience. 

Wish Upon A Brand
Your Customers Shoes Podcast On YouTube
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Want More Details?

Now you know a bit more about who I am, but you may want more information about what I can do for your business. Read my Case Study to see a real life example of how I work, how it improved a company’s customer experience and how it increased their revenue.

Want To Hire Me To Create Your Customer Experience?

Your entire customer experience design, including your website and social media channels take 3-4 weeks to create. I am usually booked at least three months in advance. Additionally, it usually takes Google one to two months to index your site so that it shows up in the search results on the first page. The sooner I begin work on your customer experience, the sooner Google can find your site and we can get you connected to your customers. 

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