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The Availability Calendar above only applies to the 24 Customer Experience Design Clients that I work with each year. I am available throughout the year for Bootcamps, Phone Consultations by the hour, On-Site Customer Experience Design Reviews and for any of the individual services listed in my store. Some clients prefer to get started with a Phone Consultation or a 2-Day, On-Site Review so that they feel comfortable getting to know me prior to investing in the larger Customer Experience Design package. If you are more comfortable starting with one of those two options, simply click on the buttons below to be taken to their product pages for full details.

Should you choose either the Phone Consultation or the On-Site Review and then later decide to hire me to create your full Customer Experience Design, I will credit your account for whatever you have already invested with me. For example, if you initially hire me for a Phone Consultation at $250 in May, then in September you decide to hire me for the full Customer Experience Design Package, your cost would only be $9,750 instead of the full $10,000, as I would credit you for the original $250 that you had invested in our Phone Consultation. If you are interested in going ahead and reserving one of my 12 Customer Experience Design Client spaces for your business, simply choose the product titled ‘CX Design Package’ below and select your month on the product page.

How Do I Make Your Customers Choose You?

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Only You Can Decide To Invest In Your Customer Experience Design.

Your Customer Experience Could Be Ready In....








Please remember that the costs below cover everything. I do not ‘upsell’ my clients along the way. I understand my business costs thoroughly and I try to offer my services at rates that are affordable for those who really value what I can do for their business. For example, if you hire me to come for a 2 Day On-Site Review, the $5000 covers my costs to travel to your location, rent a car, cover hotel and accommodations during my stay, travel between your different local storefronts and four hours each day of in person research and design from me. You will receive a complete assessment of both your stores, your website and social media channels (if applicable), your staff, your current customer service, your current customer experience, your competitors and a fully detailed plan for revising and fine tuning your customer experience to gain a competitive advantage.

This investment also covers my cost to hire and direct a professional photographer to capture professional and engaging photos of your business and/or your products to use on your website and social media channels. I will also recreate your logo and slogan if that becomes necessary to clarify your brand promise to your customers. At the end of our two days together, I will provide you with a step-by-step plan to implement to improve or define your customer experience. Most of my On-Site Clients end up hiring me to complete this process for them. However, you may take the plan and execute it yourself using my instructional books (included in this investment) or hire any other designer that you may currently be working with to bring your Customer Experience Design to life.

Many times, I am brought in to assess what is currently happening, identify the unique value that the business is offering, identify their ideal customers, assess their strengths and weaknesses against their competitors and to develop a plan for creating a strong brand and brand promise for the company to deliver on. You may take my plans and hand them over to your current web designer or developer to actually create. That is completely up to you. This is the reason why I split this work into the review side (On-Site Review) and then also offer to complete this plan for those who do not have a web designer in my Customer Experience (CX) Design Package.



Your customer experience is an investment in your competitive advantage.

Your competitive advantage is what causes your customers to choose you.

When customers choose you, you grow your brand and increase revenue.

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Need Advice?


200+ Page eBook

Detailed Instructions

Do It Yourself

Save Money

On Our Call Website Evaluation

On Our Call Social Media Evaluation

           Get Expert Advice

           Get Feedback

            Ask Questions

          Make A Plan

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Want Information About Your Online Experience?

Review Of Your Current Website

Review Of Your Current Social Media Channels

Suggestions To Improve Your Website

Suggestions To Improve Your Social Media Channels

Full Screen Capture Showing My Work

In Depth Online Company Research

In Depth Social Media Research

In Depth Research About Any Reviews Of Your Company

Full Keyword List Based On My Research

Product Evaluation If You Have One To Send

Full YouTube Video Explaining How To Use Site, Service Or Product

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Need A Customer Experience Review And Plan?

Both Of My Customer Experience eBooks

2 Day On-Site Business Evaluation

Online Business Evaluation

Customer Experience Training

Professional Photographs

Competitive Analysis

Customer Experience Storefront Plan

Customer Experience Online Plan

Revised Logo (3 Options)

Slogan (3 Options)

Domain Name (.com)

Matching Email

3 Matching Social Media Channels

Access To My Private YCS Community Page

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Need Someone To Build It All For You?

Everything From Online Review AND On-Site Review, Plus....

Extensive Company Research

Extensive Industry Research

Extensive Competitive Analysis

Storefront Customer Experience Design

Online Customer Experience Design

Logo and Slogan (3 Options)

Matching Email Address

Three Domain Names (.com, .org, .net)

Website Copy Written

10 Page Website (Fully Developed)

SEO Site Optimization 

Google Site Submission

5 Matching Social Media Channels

Linking All Channels Together

Social Media Training

First 10 Posts To Each Social Media Channel

1 YouTube Video For Your Business 

YouTube Training 

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