Podcast Episode 6: Choosing Your Brand Name (Listening Time: 22 Minutes)

In this podcast episode, we go through the process of helping you to choose your brand name. We think about what we want our customers to feel and think when they hear our brand name and evaluate how the right brand name can help you to grow your brand and stand out in the crowd.

Podcast Episode 5: Identifying Your Target Customers (Listening Time: 18 Minutes)

In this episode we figure out who your customers are; how old are they, where do they live, what hobbies do they have, etc. We use this information to sharpen your customer experience and understand where to connect with your customers.

Podcast Episode 4: Identifying Your Competitive Advantage (Listening Time: 18 Minutes)

In this episode we figure out where your business will be strong; price, quality, etc. We look at Starbucks and Walmart as examples of companies that understand their competitive advantage and clearly communicate that value to reach their target customers.

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