Does The Right Font Equal More Sales?

If you have a website, or you are building a website, do yourself a favor and buckle in for this short but important ride that will take us straight to your bottom line. That’s right, we’re talking about dollar dollar bills y’all.

Let’s pretend that we are in the car, driving down Interstate 10 going through Louisiana on our way to Texas with your beautiful family. It’s a gorgeous day outside, the birds are chirping, the sun in shining and you are going a respectable but still slightly illegal speed of 75 miles per hour. Oh come on, no one drives the actual speed limit.

You are getting somewhat hungry, but you would really love to make it to Baton Rouge before you stop for lunch, because, well, let’s be serious, it’s Louisiana and if you stop anywhere but the major leagues Baton Rouge and New Orleans, you are rolling the dice and you know it.

Your phone is dead because your internet obsessed little angel ran it into the ground watching Peppa Pig in the backseat before slowly slipping into a car vibration and boredom induced coma. Alas, this is the happy hour for all parents, but still, that diaper wearing little screambot just killed your phone.

The charger is in the trunk, because your wife packed for this trip and clearly doesn’t care about you, hence the reason that your car charger is in the trunk, not the cabin of the vehicle. You know, where it should be.

Maybe she saw an opportunity to talk your ear off once you were forced into human communication after device failure and trapped in this 75 mile per hour torture chamber.

OMG you are totally going to get to hear about everything that Becky from the office has been doing wrong. You’re a lucky guy….not. It’s been a plot all along. The kids are in on it, your wife is in on it and you are the victim. #dadlife

You pass a very readable sign that tells you that it is going to be roughly 45 minutes until you make it to Baton Rouge. Because you know that your beaming bride will become a momster in about 20 minutes, you decide to take matters into your own hands and read the billboards as you pass them. At this point, you’re getting desperate, because your car full of loving family members will soon become an angry mob of hangrysaurusrexes. 

You see a few billboards that look so old that Jesus may have helped hang them, so you pass on those. You see a few more that you can’t read quickly enough because the print is too small, there is too much of it, and well, you’re speeding.  

You have a lead foot, courtesy of your dad, who just always had to, “Get there before all the good parking was gone” so you continue your Mario Andretti fueled death march towards likely food poisoning. Finally, a sign comes along, it reads “KIDS EAT FREE” “Meals Served In Under 10 Minutes” and “Healthy Options For Everyone”.

This font looks like it may have been designed sometime after the internet was invented by Al Gore, so it’s likely a somewhat modern restaurant with wifi and a place to plug in your dead phone. Take that wifey. You can’t fool me twice.

This will satisfy everyone, the hangry wife, the drool covered children who will have to wake from their slumber to feast and that picky teenage daughter of yours who “isn’t eating carbs this month”.

You pull off the highway and enjoy a meal with the fam. Everyone’s happy. Nobody gets food poisoning and with any luck at all, you will be back on the road in time to be having Hurricanes at sundown in Houston while pretending to listen to the wife and really checking your Instagram feed. #likeaboss

What was the point of this little adventure. Simple. I had to wake you up to how important font size and font in general are to telling your brand story. People are fickle. They are busy and very easily distracted. They have quick emotional responses to the things they see.

If you confuse them, bore them or in any way basically make them strain or overthink anything, they will bounce off of your website like a chunky kid on a trampoline who hears the words “The cake is ready”.

What’s the take away? Font matters. Font size and font type are important tools that you can use to communicate to your customers, whether it’s online or in person. Make sure that your font size is a minimum of 13 points or larger. I personally prefer a font size of 24 or higher. The reason that I prefer this is that I know that my average reader is somewhat older and small fonts are just plain hard to read as your eyes age.

Use a font that makes sense for your business. If you are a law firm, use a credible looking font. If you sell bouncy house, use a fun font, paired with a credible font. Font pairing is when you use two or more fonts that compliment each other. I would recommend not using more than two or three fonts on a website.

I know you’re not a website designer, so how the heck are you supposed to know what fonts are best? Here is a quick out of the box solution that will work for 95% of people. Follow these simple steps and you will be on the path to higher sales and happier customers.

7 Easy Steps To Finding Your Best Font:

Step 1:

Download the extension called What Font for Google chrome or just google whatever browser you use ie; what font for safari or what font for firefox. Install the extension. Don’t worry, it’s free.



Step 2:

Look up websites in your niche. For example, if you are a vegan bakery, google Vegan Bakeries In Louisiana and look at the websites that come up.

Step 3:

Figure out which fonts that you like on these sites, by visiting those sites and then clicking on the ‘What Font’ icon in your browser extension bar area. Then as you hover over different words on the site, the extension will tell you the font being used.

Step 4:

Once you know what font that you want to use, simply visit Google Fonts and type in the name of the font that you like in the upper right hand Search box area. Once you see the font, click on the name of the font. This will take you to the font page. Scroll down and look on the left hand side of the page to see the Popular Pairings fonts.


Image: Courtesy Google fonts

Step 5:

Choose one or two more fonts listed in that area that compliment or balance out the other font that you chose. Write the names down and then go to Google Fonts to download or buy them. Yes, this part could cost you money, but a lot of fonts are free. I would recommend using a web font if you can find one that works for your project.

Step 6:

If you are using the fonts for commercial purposes and you are bootstrapping (aka..doing it on the cheap), then check out this resource for 70+ Free Fonts for Commercial Use. This resources was suggested by one of our readers. Thanks Janet H. 🙂

Step 7:

Install or download the font (free or purchased) and then it will be available to you on the platform that you are using to build your website.



Here is a quick and dirty cheat sheet for you so that you can really enjoy the benefits of choosing and using the best font, font size and colors for your website.

Top 10 Font Tips:

If it is a script based font, use a larger font size, as it is more difficult to read.

The lighter the text is, the larger that it needs to be so that people can still read it.

Make sure that there is a good contrast between your website’s background and the text color. There is a really good reason why people use black or dark grey on light backgrounds a lot. It’s very easy to read.

Make sure that the font size is at least 13 and maybe larger depending on your target audience. If you are targeting Millennials, then you may use a smaller font. They are younger and their eyes work better. Conversely, larger fonts work well for more mature eyes.

Larger fonts mean larger text and more scrolling, so unless you are blogging about something educational where details matter, get to the point.

Make sure that your most important information has a larger and potentially bolder font then your body text. For example; buy now, sign up here, shop now, etc.

Please make sure that you leave enough space between the lines of your text. This is called line spacing or leading. Text that is crammed or smooshed together is very difficult to read. Shoot for a line spacing of at least 1.5 to 1.8 on your websites.

Test your fonts. Create two versions of one page of your site and let it run for a few days or share it with friends and ask them which one they prefer and why.

Make your search bar large and make sure to make the text that populates inside of your search bar is as large as the rest of the text on your site.

Larger fonts, more concise text, high contrast fonts against backgrounds and proper horizontal spacing between lines of text will reduce bounce rate and exit rate from your website.

Making your site easier to read will lead to more pages being viewed per visitor and more conversions (aka, sales) per visitor.


That’s it folks. I know it may seem complicated, but this has been proven over and over again to increase sales. If you spend the time to use an appropriate font for your business, increase the font size and font spacing, your customers will reward you with higher sales.

It’s not because they even realize that they are doing it. It is just easier for them to read and navigate your website quickly, which means that they can get whatever they need to get done and get back to their own lives.

I hope that helps you guys to make more money with little or no investment. See you in the next one!


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