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Raphaela Laurean

Raphaela Laurean

Customer Experience Designer

Hello, my name is Raphaela Laurean. I will be your guide for your Brand Building Bootcamp. I am an entrepreneur, teacher, coach, and author. I will be walking you through the process of choosing the best name for your business, developing a slogan, buying a domain name for your website, setting up all of your social media channels and building your website. This is going to be a fun and relaxed weekend where we get to refine and celebrate your brand and your customers. I’m so excited to go through this process with you. I can’t wait to spend the weekend together. See you soon.

Registration Will Be Open Early May of 2024 For Summer 2024 Brand Building Bootcamps

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Things You Will Need To Bring

  • Laptop (You may rent one at the hotel)
  • Pen And Paper
  • Credit Card (Domain Name, Hosting, Etc)
  • Business Name or Business Idea To Name

Things That I Will Provide

  • Detailed Step By Step Instructions
  • Food And Drinks
  • Business Advice For Every Step
  • Relaxed And Fun Learning Environment

Things You DO NOT Need To Bring

  • Technical Expertise (writing code)
  • Graphic Design Skills
  • Frustration
  • Fear

What You Will Leave Our Brand Building Bootcamp With

This is not a weekend long class where I stand up there for two days and tell you how you can build your website and social media channels. This is an intimate 5-10 person learning weekend, where I walk you through each and every step and we actually choose or refine your business name and slogan, purchase your domain name, set up all the matching social media accounts, and build the main pages of your website. I will give you a copy of all of my eBooks to help you to further refine your website after our bootcamp. I write exactly the way I teach, so you will feel like I am right there with you as you go through the eBook guides after our bootcamp.

I will give you all of my industry secrets for free and low cost tools to help you have high quality images and automated posting to your social media channels. You will learn so much during this weekend, but more importantly, you will be able to return to work on Monday with a fully functioning website and social media channels to begin using now.

I don’t want to simply provide you with information. I want to empower you to build and manage your website and social media channels so that you may use those assets to grow your brand, connect with your customers and create a customer experience that delivers loyal customers to your business for life!

Your Completed Social Media Channels

Your Completed Business Products

Your Downloadable eBooks

Links Will Be Provided During Our Weekend Together

How We Spend Our Time Together Throughout The Weekend

  • Choosing Or Updating Your Business Name 10% 10%
  • Creating Your Slogan 10% 10%
  • Buying Your Domain Name 5% 5%
  • Setting Up Your Business Email 5% 5%
  • Creating Your Social Media Accounts 20% 20%
  • Building Your Website 50% 50%
Brand Building Bootcamp Questions + Answers

My next Brand Building Bootcamp will be held during the summer of 2024. Registration will be open starting in early May 2024. During the designated weekend in June, we will meet both Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM (CST) until 4 PM (CST) at the Baton Rouge Marriott. You may call them at (225) 924-5000 with any questions once our weekend together has been announced.

To receive an email when registration opens in early May 2024. Simply sign up for the email notification by clicking the ‘Get Notified’ button below.





Our Brand Building Bootcamp will meet in the Evangeline Room at the Baton Rouge Marriott at 5500 Hilton Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 United States. There is complimentary parking on site, so you will not be asked to pay for parking. Simply park in the lots at the hotel and come inside and ask the concierge to direct you to the Evangeline Room. 



Topics Covered
We will be covering a lot of material during our weekend together. Here is a short list of the main subject areas where we will spend our time.

  • Choosing A Great Business Name
  • How To Create A Memorable Slogan
  • How To Buy The Right Domain Name (s)
  • How To Secure Matching Social Media Channels
  • How To Write The Bio And Tagline For Your Social Media Channels
  • How To Link All Of Your Social Media Channels Together
  • How To Create Or Update Your Logo
  • How To Add Your Logo And Custom Channel Banners To Your Social Media Accounts
  • How To Use Hashtags To Grow Your Brand
  • How To Post To Your Social Media Channels To Get Your Customers To Engage With Your Business
  • How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Business Website
  • How To Choose Or Take The Right Photos For Your Website And Social Media Channels
  • How To Build Your Business Website
  • How To Edit Your New Website



The cost for this Brand Building Bootcamp is $1000 per guest. If you choose to bring an additional employee with you, they may purchase a discounted ticket for $500 for the weekend. For example, if you are attending the Bootcamp by yourself, the price is $1000, which includes both days, food and drinks. If you are going to attend with another coworker (you and a guest/total of 2 people), then the price would be an additional $500. The total price for the weekend for you and a guest would be $1500, which includes 2 seats, food and drinks.


Additional Expenses
As we go through the process of setting up your domain name, email, social media accounts and your website, you will need to invest in these services. I do not provide these services, but I do recommend the absolute best vendors for each of these services. I will walk you right through the process of setting each one of these things up. Here is a list of some of the additional expenses that you will invest in as we build out your brand together online.

  • Domain Name(s) (@$15 Per Domain Name Per Year)
  • Hosting (@ $29 Per Month)
  • Email (@ $5 Per Month)
  • Website Platform (@$100 Per Year)
  • Logo (@ $100 One Time)
  • Branded Email Signature (@ $10 Per Month)
  • Social Media Automation Tool (@ $10 Per Month)
  • Image Optimizer For Website (@ $5 Per Month)
  • SEO Optimization Tool For Website (@ $95 Per Year)
  • Wildcard Domain (@ $200 Per Year)

This adds up to approximately $1200 per year, or roughly $100 per month.  We are talking about building a highly polished website, matching social media channels and matching email, automating most of it, and giving you full control to post or edit anything that you like going forward. Most companies who hire someone to build their website for them are at the mercy of their website designer for all edits, changes, updates, etc. When I see most clients bills from their current website designers/website maintainers, the monthly bill is usually between $250-$750, as you have to pay them for every single change that you need. With my Brand Building Bootcamps, you will have full control of your website and social media channels and your entire online brand. You may post, edit or change anything that you like at any time that you like, for free!

Now, when you compare this $100 per month to the amount of money that it costs to run a brick and mortar business (physical location), we are talking about pennies.The rent alone at most commercial buildings is somewhere between $1700-5000 and that is before we have any discussion of utilities, insurance, employees, etc. Your online brand is an investment in your business. You know the saying, “You have to spend money to make money.”

Not all of these services are mandatory, but they are the services that all of my clients use regularly. They are all also services that I use on all of my business websites. You may pick and choose as we go, and I will give you the pros and cons of having or not having these services. I do my level best to use the best services at the best price point. I am very careful how I spend my business dollars, so you can always trust that I will be careful with yours as well.




Food And Drinks
I will have breakfast and lunch catered for the class on both days. If you would like something other than traditional conference food (donuts, fruit, coffee for breakfast) and (sandwiches or pizza) for lunch, please feel free to bring in your own lunch. I will be asking about any food allergies in the morning to accommodate for anyone special needs that we may have. All food and drinks provided by me will be provided to you at no additional cost to you.



For your convenience, please park at the Baton Rouge Marriott at 5500 Hilton Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 United States. There is complimentary parking on site, so you will not be asked to pay for parking. Simply park in the lots at the hotel and come inside and ask the concierge to direct you to the Evangeline Room. 



If you are not local to the Baton Rouge area, you may simply call the Baton Rouge Marriott at (225) 924-5000 and ask for the group discount for ‘ Brand Building Bootcamp Weekend’. I have negotiated a discounted rate for anyone who would needs hotel accommodations for the weekend. If you would like, you may always take advantage of Baton Rouge Groupon Hotel rates by clicking here, or check Hotels.com to see if you can secure a better rate. If you are staying at the hotel for the weekend, save yourself some money and simply Uber around while you are here. You don’t need a rental car, as the hotel is in close Uber riding distance to many restaurants and activities.



Local Restaurants
For anyone who is staying at the hotel, or anyone who may want to grab a bite to eat after we wrap up each day, here is a list of the Top 10 Local Restaurants next to the Baton Rouge Marriott. During the event on both days, food and drinks will be provided at no additional cost to you.



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